About Illusionoid

A bi-weekly improvised comedy podcast in the style of old-time radio shows like Inner Sanctum or X Minus One, Illusionoid is performed by Paul Bates (CTV’s Dan For Mayor, Second City), Lee Smart (Comedy Network’s 5th Quadrant, Second City) and Nug Nahrgang (Dark Rising: Summer Strikes Back, SyFy’s Scare Tactics).

In the distant future, humanity has its last stand against the tyrant computer ILLUSIONOID. A lone survivor sends messages backwards through time in hopes that he can provide a warning of the danger to come. Will you heed his warnings? Open your ears and hone your senses, for without immediate action, none can escape the future that is ILLUSIONOID.

Contact us at illusionoidpod@gmail.com

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Illusionoid uses music from Platinum Loops www.platinumloops.com

Illusionoid records using GarageBand & Blue Microphones


3 thoughts on “About Illusionoid

  1. I checked out Illusionoid yesterday based on a vague recommendation on a forum, and was immediately in love with it/a bit jealous of how great it is, haha. I’ve been working on developing a sci-fi comedy idea called “Leonard Rhodes: Space Lawyer”, so listening to Space Court was sort of eerie and great… then, to learn that you’re based in Toronto, and that Good Ol’ Reliable Jake is involved!

    My point is, you’ve just gained another die-hard fan, I can’t wait to be able to catch a live show sometime! 🙂

  2. Great show guys started listening a couple of days ago. Love the episode silent night, holy shit.

    Show title. The hitchhiker who had no thumbs.

    I know titles not that great but its the only one I could think off 🙂 sorry great show

  3. I just caught word of your podcast, downloaded it to my iPhone and am totally hooked! It is an ingenious way of delivering improv content with a semblance of a framework – nicely done. I am tempted to listen to two or three per day but I want to prolong the enjoyment as much as I can. Keep up the great work!

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