In the future, the army needs scientists that know what they are doing. Sadly, Quinn and Randy are not those scientists. But will a freak accident show them the way to success through the sincerest form of flattery… imitation? And will the flattery continue when this science is assimilated by Illusionoid? Join us and our special guest star SEAN CULLEN (Last Comic Standing, MAD TV, The Sean Cullen Show, & The Sean Pod Podcast) as we discover the origins of the future’s most unlikely hero… IDENTICAL QUINN! On the Antica Podcast Network!


Atom bombs are missing, guards are in trouble, General Hardass has been called, and babies are being woken up! But will the bombs be found in time? Will an insane madman with a grudge destroy us all? Is Illusionoid a product of madness only to create madness itself? These questions go completely unanswered as we create the most twisted tale yet, recorded live at The Social Capital Theatre in Toronto, Ontario Canada, it’s THE ATOM BOMB THIEF!