S09E04: THE MANGLED FACE (of Steve Buscemi) OF B-19

LIVE from the Ted Rogers Hot Docs Cinema, it’s CBC’s Podcast Playlist and their first-ever live show! We’re presenting the Illusionoid portion of it as an all-new episode for your earholes! Based on suggestions from the live audience, we embark on a mission to planet B-19 to recover the mangled face of Steve Buscemi. Is it as weird as it sounds? YES! Enjoy!


Coming at you LIVE from The Social Capital Theatre in Toronto, it’s a brand-new unscripted audio adventure with Illusionoid! Based on a Twitter suggestion from fan and show-attendee Maddox Campbell comes a tale of terrible temporal tribulations! Heed the rules of in-flight safety and beware of owls! Joined by our special guest Jen Goodhue (Second City, CBC’s Baroness Von Sketch), it’s the pre-boarding announcement for adventure, and don’t forget… THE TIME-TRAVELER’S CARRY-ON!