It’s our first season on the Antica Podcast Network, so we’re kicking it off with one of our best! In the future, farms will be exactly as they are now. But what we farm could bring devastation to time itself… and bring about the creation of ILLUSIONOID! Behold the haunting bleat of TIME GOAT!



It’s sacrifice time! When a death cult has dwindling membership, a new way must be tried… recruiting! Can three prospective sacrifices find replacements before midnight? Will the Star God be pleased? Is Illusionoid putting itself on a pedestal or will humanity get it’s goat? Bow down before our latest unscripted audio adventure… THREE TO A GIVEN STAR!IMG_9414

S02E18: Best of Illusionoid: TIME GOAT

With our new friends at Pod Almighty helping us get the word out about Illusionoid, we though we’d dip into the archives for a time-traveling trip down memory lane. Lee picks a favorite to re-introduce to our new listeners! Can the menace of Illusionoid be found in the past, or present… as it is in the future? Three brothers find their wishes granted by a mysterious man and a day in the hot sun becomes a trip through time… GOAT! Enjoy Lee’s pick for a favorite episode… TIME GOAT! BLEAT THE CLOCK!