Time travel is always a mess. Warnings of “don’t do this” lead to questions of, “What if I already did that before I got here?” Maybe you already did that before you left for the past, in the future! What a tangled knot. Two scientists intend to explore to the year zero; the beginning of it all. Intentions turn to misfortune as two elderly caretakers join them and the Butterfly Effect is in full effect! Will one small action in the past affect the future? Will science achieve victory where man has failed? Is Illusionoid toying with us all… or has it already had it’s fun? Join us with special guest star Nigel Downer (Second City Toronto alumnus) as we take a trip through time and try to stop… PANIC IN YEAR ZERO!

Oh, hello. It’s Nigel Downer!


From a suggestion by listener Mark Haldane in Glasgow, Scotland, it’s our latest unscripted sci-fi adventure! The future holds many strange and wonderful things… like Bellini Tuesday Subs! Two travelers want some food, but what they get is something more! Prime numbers, vodka, wormholes, retired rappers, Googlon the android and… another Googlon? Math tells us that Googlon plus Googlon equals trouble, but does it also equal Illusionoid? Take a trip to M-Space and get ready for some fresh beats as we get down an dirty with some DOUBLE GOOGLON-TENDRE!


Recorded LIVE at Comedy Bar in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on March 5th, 2014… it’s (2/3rd of) Illusionoid with the Bad Dog Theatre Repertory Players! Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds… but what about a rogue ship computer? Can inter-mechanical love save the day? Is Illusionoid pushing us toward human-technology hybrids? Bad Dog Theatre’s Etan Muskat and Paloma Nuñez (who is, like, SO PREGNANT when we recorded this) join us to deliver… THE POSTAL WORKER OF GLIESE 736!


One man’s obsession forces him to recruit his students to fulfill his destiny. But a field trip to a nexus of realities should be worth extra credit and not risk certain doom! Can this group of explorers bring answers back from the brink of disaster? Will the halls of this house lead to rooms decorated with disaster? Does every path in every reality lead to Illusionoid? Pack a lunch, get your permission slips signed, and steel your mind for the latest unscripted episode: RETURN TO MADNESS MANOR!


When every way you turn faces certain doom, where else can you go? Three men meet at a crossroads… literally and LITERALLY… and must decide their fates. But who are they? Can they coexist? Where does that elevator go to? Is Illusionoid the cause of all their problems? These bedeviling predicaments must be conquered if they are to plot a course through… FOUR ROADS TO DOOMSDAY!


Gather round and hear a tale… a tale of one man’s quest for immortality… a tale of ambition… a tale of that tale being told… and of mountains and gods and murder. Will reaching this heights of Mount Olympus prove to be reaching beyond man’s grasp? Are our arms too short to box with gods? Are we climbing right into the hands of Illusionoid? Pour a snifter of brandy for your mouth-hole, and allow us to enter your ear-holes with our latest unscripted adventure: I ACCUSE ZEUS!


From a suggestion by Christopher N. Corradini on our Facebook page comes our latest unscripted adventure! Two scientists compete for a contract to build the greatest laser ever! But one of them has gained his laser parts through nefarious means! Can he be stopped? Can his laser be stopped? Can Miley Cyrus be stopped? Is Illusionoid Miley Cyrus?!? Flip the switch and allow our tale to be beamed into your ears! It’s OCCAM’S LASER!


All aboard the Sunsnake: the most advanced starship in the fleet! Two men, fresh out of the academy, get the chance of a lifetime to become crewmen on the Sunsnake. But all is not as it seems… What powers this ship? Do they have the ability to harness this power? Why is the 3rd mate such a buzzkill? Is Illusionoid the head of this snake? Join us in a brave new adventure and brace yourselves for the sinister slitherings of… SUNSNAKE!


It’s Xmas Eve at the lab and Prof. Carstairs is too obsessed to care about the season! His lowly assistant Melman is forced to stay to clean test tubes instead of going home to his loved ones… but does Carstairs care? BAH! As he drifts off to sleep, Carstairs begins his journey, guided by visiting spirits, into the future… and what a future he has wrought! Will Carstairs learn his lesson in time? Will time teach him a lesson? Will lessons, time, and Carstairs all be made irrelevant by Illusionoid? Grab the hem of our garment and join us as we are visited by THE GHOSTS OF XMAS FUTURE FUTURE FUTURE!


Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale… a tale of a fateful trip… that started from this tropic port aboard this tiny ship.  Stranded at sea, three men search for a way home… but what they find may be more dangerous than what they left behind. With the wind at their backs, birds in their faces, and infinity in front of them… can Illusionoid be behind it all? Fight the future with our latest episode THE ALBATROSS GAUNTLET!