Soon mathematics and donkeys will collide… so there are bound to a be a few problems. Especially with the amount of jackasses the future will produce. Can a few scholars find the solution to this perplexing problem? Will Illusionoid use this science to come closer to our time? Or is it here already?? Special guest star Kayla Lorette saddles up to behold the baffling bray of… THE DONKEY PARADOX!! Brought to you by Hello Fresh, Endy Sleep, and Antica Productions.


The Secret Society of Strange Old Men returns! A game of cards becomes much more than for which they ever bargained. A paradox machine is/was/will be built. What secrets do they uncover… or have they uncovered… or will they once had uncovered? And where/when/why is Illusionoid the product of this infernal contraption? Tenses are tense and the end is the beginning, for no one knows when will appear… COSTIGAN’S NEEDLE!